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What We Do

Strata Equity Group, Inc. has investment projects in the areas of Land Development, Commercial, Multi-Family, Single Family, and Solar Energy. We have more than 70 active and/or sold projects that span across the country but are primarily in the Western United States. We also have some developments in Mexico.

Land Development: We are viewed as an important supplier of buildable land to national home builders and commercial developers. Our excellent reputation and solid working relationships with Federal, State, regional and local governments, as well as local jurisdictions, enable us to resolve issues and deliver long-term satisfaction to our business partners.

Commercial: We own, operate and oversee the performance of income-producing commercial properties including shopping malls, retail centers, industrial warehouses, offices, self-storage, etc..  Our success is measured in improved cash flow through service to tenants, cost containment, and superior maintenance programs to preserve asset value.

Multi-Family: We own, operate and oversee the performance of income-producing residential properties and ensure that real estate investments achieve the expected results by providing asset and property management expertise.

Single Family: We own, operate and oversee a portfolio of single family residential properties purchased individually or in bulk from financial institutions. The portfolio is actively managed in house through a constant cycling process of acquisition, rehabilitation, and sales.

Solar Energy: We are currently working on a major utility-scale solar project which will provide over 300,000 homes with renewable energy.

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