Competitive Advantage

With a clear vision of the future, Strata Equity Group identifies underutilized land and undervalued income properties and converts them into highly profitable developments and investments. Strata Equity Group's record of success is based on a formula predicated on three fundamental principles predicated location and concept of the property, understanding the real estate market cycles (timing), and the overall deal structure of the transaction.

Our company is a co-investor in every project -- assuming the risk and reaping the benefits alongside our investors. All of our decisions are made considering the investor's best interest, maximizing profits while reducing risk while maintaining healthy and professional relationships with all parties involved in each transaction.

Our team is highly trained and efficient in managing projects from start to finish with our state-of-the-art proven process for project management. We have assembled a team of recognized professional consultants in real estate, engineering, legal and accounting practices to assure every transaction is handled with efficiency and expertise. Our company was built on relationships and trust, which holds us to the highest ethical and moral standards to this day. It is part of the formula that has set us apart in the eyes of our investors, consultants and the general public.